Saturday, January 2, 2016

Post 3154 - Saturday


Newbie wants me to turn in. He sits on the computer desk, between the keyboard and the monitor. His head obscures the bottom left hand portion of the screen. He looks up at it from time to time as if to wonder how much longer I'm going to type. Not much.

We went into Bayer's Lake today. First trip there in nearly a week. The headphones I wanted at Walmart were not to be found. The place is pretty picked over after a week of Boxing Week sales. Meanwhile, next door at Superstore, Patricia wasn't having much luck finding another fresh turkey to cook. They only had frozen ones left, and they were the regular price, which is outrageous.

We returned to the house. I took a nap, because I'm old and like to sleep. Afterward, we watched "Spy", the movie from last summer starring Melissa McCarthy. An absolute scream. Loved it to bits. Then, we we watched "Frozen", the Disney movie from a couple of years ago. We had never seen it. Patricia liked it much more than I did. I think it's aimed more at girls.

One more day off before we return to work. Where do vacations go, anyway? I want more, please.

I guess that's it for tonight. See you tomorrow, me hearties.


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