Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Post 3156 - Tuesday

Is it Friday yet?

Just Tuesday? Rats.

One of those nights when I had a headache. I took a nap downstairs when we got home, and only got up around 8:45. Here it is, 10:21, and I will likely be awake for a few more hours.

Frank Magazine today listed its top 50 stories for 2015. These are the articles that had the most hits online for the year. My story about Paula Breckon being fired from her job in Fredericton last year landed at #15. It is one of the stories I am most proud of. I did a lot of work on it, and wrote several drafts before my editor and I were happy with it. I am glad that it was reflected in its high ranking. It was my only story in the top 50, but I will take it.

I am still waiting for you guys to get back to me regarding what you're wearing. Get to it, people.

Short post tonight. Sorry.

See you tomorrow.


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