Thursday, January 7, 2016

Post 3158 - A Science Question

Speaking of last night's Toastmasters meeting...

A guy in the club mentioned that for Christmas one of the gifts he gave his wife was a pair of socks, with the individual toes in them. His wife would slip them on and move each toe into its appropriate position. I guess they would look something like these:

I called him out on it, saying that her feet would be warmer if she had just got a regular pair of socks. I reasoned that with the toes being separated, they couldn't keep each other warm. Plus, the surface area of the socks was greatly increased, letting more heat out than would a regular pair of socks.  I wonder if he really loves his wife.

(Of course he does, you silly sausage!)

Other people in the club chimed in, agreeing with me that regular socks would be the best bet.

My question to anyone reading this is, am I right? Are the above socks heat-inefficient relative to regular socks? After all, heat radiators that you see in older homes, like this one:

are designed this way, with the "coils" resulting in a much larger surface area, to let off heat, not conserve it.

So, do toe socks socks conserve heat, or expel it? I think they would expel more than they would conserve. But what do you think?

See you tomorrow.

PS. Why are all toe socks butt-ugly?

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