Friday, January 8, 2016

Post 3159 - Friday


I am in the Valley this weekend. I drove up after work tonight. I got some victuals at the Giant Tiger in New Minas. They were  having a clearance sale on their burritos, 50 cents a piece. They are not bad for what they are so I bought the remaining 15 they had in the store. With what I already have here, I now have something like 57 burritos in the fridge freezer. I am not sure how many years it will take me to eat them all. Do frozen products, "keep"?

To make room for the burritos, I had to remove some frozen cabbage rolls. My goodness, those were nasty little things. We hated the first tray of them something fierce.  The second tray has been in the freezer here, and will go out in the green bin this weekend because I wouldn't feed them to a dog. And I bought some mustard, because the mustard in the fridge had lost its potency. Like, there was no flavor at all. I might as well have put glue on my hot dogs, for all the taste the mustard provided.

Anyway, I have some chores to take care of this weekend, including paying the fellow who had been plowing out the driveway at the house. He has been here twice already, without my having to ask him to. Least I can do is pay him on time.

A month or so ago, I ordered some new ram for this desktop computer. It only has 1 GB of ram in it. I ordered on ebay what I thought would be the right kind of ram for this machine, doubling it to two gigs, which is still an okay amount of memory for an older computer when you only use it for writing blog posts and surfing the web and the like. It is a small form factor machine, which is great if you only have a small amount of space to house a computer, but a pain in the onions if you want to do something like expand it.

I got the back of the computer off. In order to access the ram, I had to remove the multi drive. I removed the existing ram, and replace it with the two sticks of 1GB each. Put the multi drive back in place, and put the screws back where they should be. Put the back back on. Plugged back in the usb devices, the  monitor, the keyboard, the speakers, and so on. Rebooted the computer. Nothing happened. The machine just "beeped" at me over and over, a sure sign that the ram was not a good fit for the computer.

I put the original 1gb of ram back in place (well, when I bought the machine last Winter, it only had 500mb of ram in it, if I recall correctly. I had some other ram in place to bring it to a whopping 1gb.) Started the computer back up, and here I am writing you on a machine with barely enough memory to do anything. At least I set up a 4GB ram disk last month to make things run a bit better.

I will always wonder: Why do they have so many kinds of ram, all slightly different, and all designed to confuse us?

Anyway, the weekend is firming up nicely. I think I will turn in and get up early-ish on Saturday.

See you tomorrow.


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