Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Post 3162 - Guilty? Nah!

Sorry I didn't write last night. Body shut down around 8:30. Much better tonight.

I don't usually discuss politics here on the blog, but I am sorta kinda making an exception this evening. Today, the Canadian dollar fell below 70 cents US. The price of a barrel of oil is hovering around 30 dollars a barrel. Many economists feel that the price of both has quite a ways to fall. I feel there are too many economists, not one of whom predicted this whole mess happening a couple of years ago. But I digress.

Many thousands of jobs have been lost in the oil sands of Alberta. That province is crying hard times, so much so that the Premier of Alberta's life has been threatened by some arseholes who blame her for her government's direction. One man has offered her one million dollars to resign. Madness.

Alberta did well for many years because the price of oil was so high. They did not have a scintilla of sympathy for all the people who struggled to put gas in their cars, or to heat their homes. Companies instituted gas surcharges in their shipping costs to cover their additional costs. Consumers, already strapped, had to pay those surcharges if they wanted to get their stuff.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot. And I don't feel one stinkin' bit of guilt over paying less for gas and oil today than I did before this happened. I like how the monthly bill to heat the family homestead in the Valley went down by more than 50 dollars a month this past Summer, and how all signs point to that cost decreasing further when they re-calculate the monthly budget billing in July. Gas is still too high, but I am told that the Canadian dollar's decline is affecting the cost of gas, and I don't feel like waging that battle, not when a liter of gas is less than a dollar again, when it was easily 50 and 60 cents more a couple of years ago.

Should I feel like guilty because I feel this way? Maybe. I don't know. The point is, I don't, and I have no intention to. And I strongly feel that most Canadians reading this will concede that they don't feel guilty, either. They love having a few extra dollars in their pocket so they can spend it on cauliflower.

I look forward to your comments. Write me privately or comment on the Facebook post or add a comment to this post. You know the deal.

See you tomorrow.


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