Sunday, January 17, 2016

Post 3167 - Sunday

Hi. Past ten.

Another 3 day weekend has come and gone. Once again, I wonder where they went.

I keep thinking about the events of a year ago. The 17th of January in 2015 was a Saturday. We had to wait a week to bury my poor mother because of circumstances I dare not repeat here, but which you can readily find if you read blog posts from early last February. We were in a holding pattern, waiting for the funeral. The whole time, my mother was laying on a slab at the funeral home in Kentville.

It was a hard week, and now I am reliving it, day by painful day.

I had breakfast with Constant Reader Ken last week. Among other things, I gave him my spare copy of the book about the Golers. He told me something that I have taken to heart, which is that this first anniversary of my mother's death should resonate with me. I should feel this way. If I didn't, there would be something wrong with me. If it were the tenth anniversary and I felt this way, then that would indicate another problem.

Let's try to finish this post on a fun note. I chanced upon a website a week or so ago that will take your inputted text and produce a cover for a pulp-related magazine for you. You can customize it a great deal, but not quite enough to suit me. For example, I could find not way to put the Bevboy avatar in there.

Don't know what pulp magazines are/were? Here you go.

But, here is what I came up with:

Do you want to come up with your own pulp magazine cover? Use this link. Share what you come up with, with me. I get a kick out of this stuff.

See you tomorrow.


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Ken said...

Thanks for the mention, Bevboy. And thanks for the book - as we discussed, I was brought up to view a book as a treasured possession and this one will be important for other reasons since I worked in the court system throughout that saga.

And yes, the first anniversary is tough. Every anniversary of every special occasion is difficult. Especially during the first year. From my experience it will become easier. You will never forget, it will just get easier. If it doesn't, we need to talk.

Best wishes, old friend!