Thursday, January 21, 2016

Post 3170 - Various Things

Just watched the pilot of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow". It is a show that has been in the works for many months now. And my response is, "Meh."

I don't understand why Rip Hunter selected these particular people to be his "team" to go up against Vandal Savage. Well, I get that Hawkman and Hawkgirl have a hate on for Vandal Savage, but the rest of those people have no idea who he is, and a few of them have no superpowers of their own, just relying on heat guns, freeze ray guns, a suit Iron Man would reject, and a lady who used to be dead but got better. Even after they learn that Rip Hunter was being less than forthright with all of them, they decide to stick around and help the loser. The show doesn't make any internal sense. I will give it one more episode and that's it. Life's too short, man.

I see where IKEA is making a major announcement in Halifax Friday morning. Word is that they are going to open up one of their smaller stores here, where you go in and order the thing you want and they deliver it there and you pick it up. You can also order online. But does that make sense? Why have the head of the company be in town for that announcement? I think they will have a full-fledged store here, and my gut tells me that it will take over the Rona building in Bayer's Lake, which just became suddenly available again in the last 10 days or so.

I don't get the appeal of IKEA. You order the misbegotten thing you want, lug it home, and frustrate yourself into a tizzy trying to assemble it. How many divorces have resulted from trying to put together one of their pieces of "furniture"? How many bromances have been shattered over too many beers trying to figure out how some IKEA pieces fit together to form the item in question so that it looks the way it does on the box? But for some reason I will never understand, people will drive long distances to get to one of their stores. There is a guy who drives to the IKEA in Quebec several times a month just to pick up items for people who live around here. I wonder if he assembles the contraptions, too? Value added is the way to go.

I will probably wander into the IKEA, assuming it is an actual store, if only to try to understand why people go crazy over the place. If not, if they are only a depot, then I guess I won't bother.

And I have a gmail question. Have you "lost" emails on gmail before? I gave away the family church organ last month, and exchanged various emails with the woman whose friends picked it up. I cannot find any of those emails. I would not knowingly delete them. She did send me a picture of the organ once she had set it up in her apartment, and I downloaded it to my dropbox, but that is the only evidence of the series of emails we shared. It is most strange.

Before I work myself into a different kind of tizzy, one revolving around emails I can no longer locate, I guess I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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