Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Post 3175 - Grr!

There was a bit of a flame war on my Facebook this evening. I feel a little responsible about it.

I noted the death of Abe Vigoda today. It was initially reported by Variety. "Why trust that rag?", says I, so I went here and here. And, sure enough, they both reported he was a goner.

A FB friend wrote that she was surprised that he was gone at 94 and suffixed the remark with an "LOL". That set off another person, who spent the next few hours ripping into her, calling her all kinds of names in the book, and several others. It was vicious, and vile and disgusting. I put a stop to it around 9:30 tonight by unfriended the a-hole. He retaliated by following me on FB. I got back at him by blocking him. He can no longer see anything on my timeline and inflict his hateful comments on anyone on my Facebook ever again.

He knows I'm a blogger. He should know, and I am reminding him now, that I moderate every comment on the blog. Nobody can post anything here that I don't approve first. Let him try!

This crap did not have to happen, yet it did. And it was all over a joke. Apparently this doofus did not know that Vigoda himself was in on the joke. Vigoda's death was reported over 30 years ago. It got him in the news, and on talk shows, and likely got him some acting jobs to boot. He had a sense of humor about it, and it endeared him to people enough that he likely financially benefited from these false reports of his death.

A couple wiseacres started the above websites. I would check them out from time to time and see that, yes, Abe Vigoda was alive and relatively well. Meanwhile, Vigoda acted in a Superbowl commercial, the one he did with Betty White.

I don't know what Vigoda died of today, but he was 94. It wouldn't have taken much.

My apologies to Theresea Babb for what she went through this evening. It will not happen again.

And you, Frank Rhyno. Just go back to running your sex shop and leave the adults alone. K?

See you tomorrow.


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