Friday, January 29, 2016

Post 3179 - Friday

The weekend's here. The weekend's here!

We are having a weak 'nor Easter today. Work was shut down at 3pm, but I left an hour earlier than that. I'll make up the time. We got home around 2:30, and have been here, in warmth and bliss, ever since.

We have cash to pay the young man down the street to shovel out the driveway, should enough snow accumulate to warrant his doing so.

We have storm chips.

I liberated a large cross rib roast from the freezer Thursday night, which will become our dinner on Sunday.

The fibreop internet and tv bill is paid.

And the second part of Tim Bousquet's series is published on the Examiner website by noon time on Saturday.

Actually, if you wish, you can listen for free to the weekly podcast, in which Tim discusses the second part of his series. Here is the direct link. You can download it or stream it. Up to you.

Tim reported this week that since the series is behind the Examiner paywall, that there has been an uptick in the number of subscriptions to the site over the past week. That is a good thing. And the quality of the series will only lead to yet more subscriptions. 

I think I will spend the balance of my Friday evening listening to that podcast, so if you'll excuse me...

See you tomorrow.


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