Saturday, January 30, 2016

Post 3180 - Do It

Tim Bousquet published part two of "Dead Wrong" today on his website, The Halifax Examiner. This saga will continue for weeks to come. Tim admitted on the H.E. podcast on Friday that he did not know how many more "episodes" it would take to tell the full story.

It is about the wrongful conviction of a man accused of murdering a sex worker in Halifax in 1995. He is presently out of prison and likely will remain so. Meanwhile, the real murderer of Brenda Way is still out there. Since then, there have been quite a few other murders of women in the Halifax area. Tim is saying that many of these murders are related. Over the course of many weeks, we will get the full story. If nothing else, it is interesting how Tim is focusing on a part of society that gets very little attention in the media. Poor, disenfranchised, desperate people who sometimes make poor decisions are not given much ink. They are, now.

I read part two this afternoon. Perhaps in response to my (and perhaps others') criticism that there are a lot of people in this narrative, Tim has helpfully provided a "cast of characters" page on the "Dead Wrong" website. Thank you, Tim.

The series is behind the paywall. What is NOT behind the paywall, though, is the weekly podcast. Friday's was especially good, because Tim spoke for 30 minutes about the series. It was captivating stuff. Go ahead and listen to it. The only cost is 30 minutes of your time.

There are people who object to this series being behind the paywall. They think that the news should be free. Fools. I had suggested that Tim offer the first chapter, or a part of it, for free, as a way to hook the readers in and get them to subscribe. He disagreed, which is his right. And I think he was right, because he has mentioned that there has been an uptick in the number of subscriptions to the Examiner since the series started.

It costs a paltry 10 bucks a month to subscribe to the Halifax Examiner. For that, you can read this series, plus all the other paywall-ed content he has put up there. It also means you can post comments on the website.

Ten bucks is nothing. If you go out to coffee with the boys five days a week, that is going to be close to ten dollars after just one week. Over the course of a month, that will be upwards of 30 dollars, or 3 months' worth of the H.E. What's more important? Reading and supporting The Halifax Examiner, or caffeine?

There is lots of other content on the Examiner besides this series. El Jones writes a long column every Saturday. Her work is focused very heavily on the incarcerated and how they are treated, particularly how the mentally ill are treated behind bars. There is a great deal of satire in her work. It is not always to my taste, and I am not always sure where the hell she is going with what she writes, but lots of people appreciate her work, and her. Even if you disagree with her, as I often do, she makes you think and challenges your strongly-held opinions about those who break the law and how they end up.

I will get off my soapbox. I am a fan of the Examiner's. I much prefer it over All Nova Scotia Dot Com, and it costs less than a third of that over-priced website. I hope that you give it a chance, and I hope that you try out "Dead Wrong". You will not regret it.

See you tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the good work that Bousquet produces is more than offset by his juvenile snark, his fixation on certain people or ideas he doesn't like, and his relentless anti-business views on many issues. He is an odd, and not very likeable, duck. For that reason alone, I will not give him my money. His offering a platform to the likes of El Jones is the clincher.