Sunday, January 31, 2016

Post 3181 - Sunday

I wasn't feeling well last night. I took an antihistamine, which knocked me on me arse and made me sleep not only the night away, but most of the day as well. Here it is, 9:15, and I have only really been up since around 4:30.

We had a lovely roast beef dinner tonight. It was from an order of beef from some time ago, and I think that's it for that order of beef. It was a cross rib roast, which I have decided is not my fave cut of beef.

We have spent the last couple of hours watching that crazy wildlife show hosted by Dominic Monighan. He goes around the world, dragging his camera man Frank with him, looking for and usually finding these wild animals, some of which bite him Dominic. Meanwhile, Frank wants to sit down and have some pizza. I like Frank.

On that note, I think I will sit in my rec room and watch tv until I get tired again.

See you tomorrow.


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