Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Post 3184 - Wednesday

Another satisfying Toastmasters meeting tonight. We had ten members and four guests. I am not sure how many members we have in the club, but this was a fine, fine turn out.

We had two new members give their ice breaker speeches. I evaluated one of them, and ended up winning the award for best evaluator. I never win that award, but somehow, I did tonight.

And, the best part of the meeting, I got my water bottle back. I had left it at the meeting 4 weeks ago. It got put in the prize bag and socked away for the next meeting. I asked about it, and would have had it two weeks ago at the last meeting, but I forgot all about it. Tonight, I got it back. And it is mine forever. You can't have it. It has my spit and corruption all over it. Get your own damn drinking bottle.

After TM, I drove home. We watched last night's "Flash" episode. The show gets better and better. I keep wondering, though, if they might end up overdoing it with the so-called speedsters. We have the Flash Barry Allen; the Earth-Two Flash Jay Garrick; Wally West, who will become a protege to Barry Allen and be known as Kid Flash (even though he's like 2 years younger than Barry Allen); Jesse Quick has already been introduced; Zoom; Reverse Flash; and I read last week that they have hired a young actress to play Trajectory in a future episode. That's a lot of running around by a lot of people. I hope it doesn't come down to what happened on the Six Million Dollar Man all those years ago, when they had a Bionic Boy, and even a bionic dog at one point.

We are caught up with my day. Tomorrow is Thursday, and I am off on Friday. We will see what my plans are for the weekend. Patricia hasn't told me yet.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow. Keep smiling. Rub your tummy for good luck.


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