Monday, February 15, 2016

Post 3194 - Sigh

24 hours later, and I still can only claim partial victory in getting this desktop computer up and running again.

I am using it now, but not in a way that is satisfactory to me. I have 6 hard drives installed in it, but only 4 are recognized. The solid state drive, which contains the Plex Media Server library and my linux mint distro, is not being recognized, along with another drive. I booted the computer using a version of Puppy Linux run from a thumb drive.

It is probably something stupid. When I realize what I am doing wrong, I will feel like a dumb dumb, a know-nothing, a dodo. The boys at work will make fun of me for not knowing.  But until then, I will just call it a night, lest I throw this computer out the window and drive my car over it for an hour.

I know what the problem isn't.

The fact that I am able to use the computer at all tells me that it is not the power supply.

Four of the six drives in the unit are up and running. Is there some commonality regarding the other two, other than they are not being recognized? I did have linux mint up and running this afternoon, but it was another two hard drives that were not working. Is there some clue there?

Perhaps I should remove two of the drives and put them in enclosures, and cut my losses?

Maybe I should look on kijiji and see if there is some empty computer tower that I can start from the ground up on. This desktop is pretty aged. It came with a multi drive and I removed it. There was an empty bay. I filled that with another hard drive, and the space where the multi drive was accommodated another hard drive.

I don't know. It's late. I'm frustrated. And I want to get Plex working again.

See you tomorrow.


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