Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Post 3198 - Radio News

I feel like the anti-Panasonic. Just slightly behind our time.

1. News 95.7 is looking for two reporters/anchors. One of them is particularly interesting as it is for a part-time weekend reporter/anchor. Does this mean that the station is going to have more local content on weekends, going forward? Is Richard Zurawski's science show a beachhead for more local programming on that station? I hope so.

(Update at 9pm. These are new positions. New hires. In other words, if there are X people working at News 95.7 now, there will soon be X + 2, where X is a positive integer greater than 0, of course.)

2. Wayne Harrett is reporting that Zach Bedford has put in his notice as mid-day guy/Music Director at C100 and will be the new Program Director at AMP Radio in Calgary. He leaves C100 after April 1st. This is a great move for Zach. I know he will do well there.

3. And Wayne is also reporting that Radio 965 will go bye-bye Thursday at 4pm, and will become The Flow FM, which is the same name as a Newcap station in Toronto. That station's focus is on more urban and hip hop and blues music than one is used to hearing on Halifax radio stations.

I was a little more dubious about this one. Radio 965 is much improved from when it first went on the air in September of 2013. Back then, they played the kind of crap you hear in a coffeehouse while you discuss e e cummings' use of iambic pentameter. "Was a format change really necessary?", I asked myself. But according to a note I saw on someone's Facebook, regarding Radio 965: "Things start flowing tomorrow at 4!".

Whatever could that mean?

I contacted a source in town, who tells me that this is not a format change, but more of a tweaking, a rebrand. Time will tell.

So, let me go out on a limb. Radio 965's name may change. That name tells us nothing about the station, anyway. The name will change, but the music will not change much. Maybe they will use the "Flow" name, but not slavishly adopt the music that the Flow FM station in Toronto flogs.


Flog FM.

I like that.

See you tomorrow.


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