Saturday, February 27, 2016

Post 3201 - Saturday

Hi. 11pm.

The highlight of the day was this morning when I dropped off some old televisions and computer equipment at the recycling depot in New Minas.

That sounds pathetic, doesn't it?

How about, the highlight of my day was this evening, when I drank the other half of  a bottle of beer I started Friday night, while watching the first six episodes of "Love", a Judd Apatow-produced series on Netflix, which is taking its sweet time to get to its point, that two social outcasts are meant for one another, but they keep denying it. There are four more episodes in this season. Let's hope that they at least hang out before it's over.

That still sounds pathetic.

How about, the highlight of my day was the two hour nap I took this afternoon while I was trying to watch a documentary on Youtube that's about the 1950's?

Ah! The most pathetic one of them all.

I like it.

Been a quiet day. Back to the city tomorrow. Back to Patricia and Newbie, and then back to work on Monday. Where do weekends go, anyway?

See you tomorrow.


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