Friday, March 25, 2016

Post 3220 - Good Friday

Well, I wish I could say that I tackled all the things on the list I provided yesterday, but I didn't.

I did make a lovely fish dinner tonight. Apparently, the places that sell fish and chips make out like gangbusters on Good Friday. John's Lunch in Dartmouth was crazy busy. And Fredie's Fish and Chips was busy, too. I presume other places that cater to those who like their fish fried in oil were busy, too.

This time, I used a different kind of flour. It had flax seed in it, and had a different texture than the gluten-free stuff I used recently. We both preferred the finished product.

We finished the evening binge watching the first 6 episodes of 11.22.63. It's based on a very long Stephen King novel that would have been much longer had Stephen King had his way. Instead, his editor cut hundreds of pages from the thing, so look for a special edition of 11.22.63 in ten years or so. It's about an English teacher in the present day who goes back in time to try to prevent the assassination of JFK.

I hope that the book doesn't have the plot holes and coincidences that the tv show has. Just when Jake is about to do something that he went back in time to do, something else comes up that demands his attention. He goes off and does that thing and messes up his big plan. Happens over and over. Sloppy story telling. Say what you will about Stephen King: he's windy, his books meander too much, what have you. He at least knows better than to use these feeble plot devices to keep the story going. Still a good show, though. There are only 2 episodes left, and we will watch them.

Tomorrow, let's try and tackle some of the things I listed on Thursday. K?

See you then.


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