Saturday, March 26, 2016

Post 3221 - Saturday

And... it's nearly 9:30.

I type these words in my home office, at my so-called backup desktop computer. I replaced the media server a month ago. It has more than enough oomph to let me write blog posts at the same time it's transcoding movies and tv shows, or streaming music. The previous one all but blew up on me, taking some hard drives with it. At any rate, this other computer is one I have had for 7 years now, and while it only has 2 gb of ram, still runs plenty fast for my purposes. Like you care, of course. I know you don't.

We spent the day not doing that much. We watched some stuff on the PVR. Tonight I threw out some chicken carcasss pieces from last week. It had been in the roaster, in the oven, since last weekend. I do not need to describe the horrors that awaited me when I took the roaster out and opened it. The roaster has hot water and dish detergent in it now, and will soak over night, and into the morning. Gross.

Tonight we watched the last two episodes, probably forever, of "Second Chance", the latest iteration of the Frankenstein story, broadcast on Fox TV. The show didn't have a chance. It went through two title changes before broadcast. Its episode count was reduced from 13 to 11, once again before a single episode hit the air. And it was moved from Wednesday night to Friday night after two episodes were broadcast. Its new home was Friday night at 9pm ET, a time when other channels are running lame-o reality shows or situation comedies devoid of humor. None of these things bodes well for a successful program, especially one with such a high concept as this one.

It's about an old man, a retired sheriff driven from office because of scandal, who is murdered by some bad guys, but brought back to life by scientific means for reasons that drove the plot. There are a couple of twins, who speak their own silly language because it employs some people who write sub titles. The female twin is dying of a cancer that only this revived man can fix, because of his unique blood strain. The male twin doesn't get along well with others at all. He has no social skills. Picture me, back when I was single, and you get a pretty good idea of what he was like.

As a result of this process, the old man is now 35 years old and smokin' hot. The process that revived him has made him super strong, and he can beat people's heads in with the best of them. The process that brought him back also means that he must be submerged in a special chemical bath every 24 hours for an undisclosed period of time. He floats in this big ol' tub, his willy discretely out of view, because this is on a broadcast network.

Despite the silly concept, and the things that don't need to be there, that get in the way of the story telling, this was a fun show, over all. The banter between the old-young man and his son, is often priceless. The son is played by Tom DeKay, best known for playing an FBI agent on "White Collar" for years. How does he follow that character? By playing an FBI agent on this show!

For 9 episodes, the father and son team solved crimes, met bad guys, and bantered. It was more fun than it had a right to be. Then, we had the last two episodes, the ones we watched this evening. They were everything the show should have been, all along. If it comes back, which I think is a big if, then the producers have streamlined the show, getting rid of many of the things that I found annoying, and have a more-or-less clean slate. I will be there if it is.

Does "Second Chance", deserve one? Yes. It does.

Here are a couple of articles about the show.

See you tomorrow.


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