Sunday, March 27, 2016

Post 3222 - Sunday

Hi. Past 10pm.

We watched some episodes of Mr. Robot today. I got Patricia interested in the show. It's about a young man who has some kind of social anxiety disorder, who works for as a system administrator for a company that provides that provides security for larger companies. He's recruited by white hat hackers to work for them to bring down even larger companies. Meanwhile, one of those targeted companies recruits the young man, too.

Say, let's make this about me. I was recruited for a summer job at Burger King when I was a student. I know where this guy is coming from. Ha!

I had a lovely shower and a shave tonight. I am getting the hang of that razor. That is to say, I didn't cut myself to ribbons.

I don't know where long weekends go. They go by far too quickly. Tomorrow, I have promised to cook steak and eggs for breakfast. And for dinner, we will have a turkey.

Newbie is all over me to turn in. He is giving me those puppy-dog kitty eyes, and I cannot resist him. That means I must go.

See you tomorrow.


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