Friday, April 1, 2016

Post 3226 - Friday

The weekend's here! The weekend's here! Yay!

We spent a couple hours tonight watching the latest Netflix hit, "The Ranch", starring Ashton Kutcher as a washed-up football player returning to the family ranch. He's trying to re-acclimate himself to that kind of lifestyle. His ex-girlfriend has moved on. His parents are no longer together, much. His brother is still a horndog, at 36. They still drink when they're not working. And money is a real issue for all of them. And, it is as funny as all get out. The show has a lot of heart. I want to see the rest of these episodes this weekend, and hope that there will be plenty of subsequent seasons.

Gonna be a busy day tomorrow. Patricia wants to buy dirt soil for the garden. Not just any dirt soil . It's the kind of dirt soil that Halifax Seed sells. Only the best dirt soil will do.

See you tomorrow.


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