Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Post 3230 - Wednesday

After 10pm.

A very long day. After work, I had my more-or-less biweekly Toastmasters meeting. We had 6 members and 2 guests, so it was a little on the low side in terms of attendance. But we still had Table Topics and a speech from a newer member. All is good.

After that was over, we had a short executive meeting. We are contemplating a new way to organize and arrange meetings, through a package called Easy Speak. Once you do the initial set up work, members can just indicate what role they want to fill on an agenda. Shortly before the meeting, I could just do whatever it is has to be done, and a PDF file of the agenda will be produced, which I can then print off. It is something that the club members would have to embrace. If it is something that will just double or even treble my workload, with not noticeable payoff, then I don't see the point of it. Time will tell.

After the meeting, I drove out to the West End Mall Annex, to the HS hair place. It is the new branding of Head Shoppe. Patricia was getting her hair done. I said, "My God, Patricia. That hair looks amazing!" about 6 times. I'm told that etiquette dictates that a fella is supposed to say it at least 7, so I am in the doghouse now.

One of the staff showed me around the joint while Patricia was paying. I have to say, if I was a girly, a girly girl, like if I didn't have a masculine bone in my body, I would positively love it there. There is a spa where people can get manicures and pedicures. There are beds where you can lay out and get manipulated in a way that results in relaxation. And there is plenty of makeup for sale. There is now a product called "Lip Crayon". I have no idea what that is relative to other products such as lip stick, lip liner, lip gloss, and I'm sure there are other products related to a woman's lips that I have yet to learn about. Why are lips so damned high maintenance, anyway? Mine are just fine, and I don't use anything on them. 

We got home around 9pm. Newbie met us at the door and behaved as if he hadn't had anything to eat in 3 weeks. He rubbed up against us both in an effort to trip us and break our necks, so that he could then feast on our bodies because that is what cats will do when their food source goes away: they improvise.

I had a shower and a shave tonight, too. I have been using that first razor blade in the package of 5, for a full month now. The shaves are still close and smooth. I think I am in love with simple safety razors and razor blades!

I think I will turn in. Another busy day tomorrow.

See you then, my lovelies.


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