Thursday, April 7, 2016

Post 3231 - Thursday

I have a day off tomorrow. That is always a good thing.



Unless it friggin' rains all day!

My goodness, what is it about the weather in Nova Scotia? Last year, we were up to our eye teeth in snow. This year, it is raining like a frig muffin, and I do not like to use that phrase lightly. You know how disgusting and degrading frig muffins are.

In keeping with the mood, we will get up tomorrow morning and drive over to Dartmouth to run some errands that apparently cannot be run on this side of the harbour. After that, we may decide to go to the Valley for the rest of the day, or perhaps not.  Depends on the weather I mentioned earlier.

Newbie is sitting on my left big toe. It is his way of telling me to hurry up and go to bed. So... I think I will hurry up and go to bed.

See you tomorrow. Wet or otherwise.


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