Monday, April 11, 2016

Post 3235 - Monday


Back to work this morning. As always, being Monday and all, it was a little hard to get up. And get dressed. And drive to work. And do much of anything, for that matter.

I spent part of my lunch hour finishing a Jas. R. Petrin story. One of the editors of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine wrote me on Facebook today and told me that she would love to see the finished interview with M. Petrin once it has taken place and I have transcribed and edited it. I know they won't publish it in the pages of AHMM, because a typical issue consists of 95% fiction with the rest taken up with a column about the latest books, some editorial content, and the like. The best I can hope for is to get mentioned on their website or perhaps the readers' forum. So, the blog may get some press from a source it hasn't been in yet. I'll keep you up to date, of course.

We watched the season finale of "Billions" this evening. My god, the show got better and better throughout the season, but the finale was 10x better than any of them put together. I won't ruin it for you. Canadians can see the full season through Crave TV. Americans can see it from its home broadcaster, which I think is Showtime.

Think I will turn in. Newbie is giving me that come hither look. Better than that "hie thee hither" look, which is totally hurtful.

See you tomorrow.


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