Thursday, April 14, 2016

Post 3238 - More On Missing Persons


I got a very enthusiastic tweet from constant reader A.J. all-but begging me to write more about Nova Scotia missing persons cases. And a guy at work today mentioned the blog as well, in such a way as to give me the impression he wouldn't mind seeing more posts here about missing persons.

So, I will.

But, let's back up first.

When I write these missing persons stories, they will be as factually accurate as I can make them. I will only deal in rumours if they are persistent. If suspects are named in these rumors they will not be named here. I don't want to be sued at the very least; at the very most, I don't want to drag someone's name through the mud who maybe doesn't deserve it.

If I fail to mention a particular missing persons case, it may very well be that I have not heard of it. I can't remember everything I read, and some things I never read. If someone went missing in 1943, there is a good chance I don't know about it. Send me some information about the case and I will research it further and report it here. Okay?

And I am not sure how much information to provide. One of my fave websites about missing person is The Charley Project. Meaghan runs the whole thing by herself as a labour of love. Do you want a folksy, anecdote-based narrative, or a "just the facts" one like what Meaghan provides? Let me know.

While I am at it, here are a few other missing persons websites. Let me know what kind of detail you want me to put in. More like this one, and less like that one? That kind of thing.

Can Am Missing, clearly a Canadian-government-based site.

Dear Marie Pyle, which is devoted to "missing angels".

For the lost.  I don't visit here much.

There are two major websites (that I know of) about Iowa's missing persons. There used to be one, but there was behind-the-scenes stuff going on and threats of lawsuits happened, and one woman took the cases she had written and researched and started her own. Two sides to every story. Here's one. And here's the other.

Less a website and more a reader's forum, and chatty, and a little too gossipy for my tastes, this is the place I have to beat if I am to be serious about documenting missing person's cases in Nova Scotia. Wish me luck.

Well, here's another one, and if it were updated more often, it would be pretty good. Mostly about unsolved murders, though.

There are so many more. I don't want to overwhelm you with details. Google "missing persons websites" and you will find hundreds of hits.

Get back to me with your thoughts.

See you tomorrow.


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