Thursday, April 21, 2016

Post 3244 - My Thoughts On Prince

I am 52 years of age. Prince was in the height of his popularity in the mid 1980's, when I was still in university. When "Purple Rain" came out in 1984, I was busy with university, and not interested, so I didn't go see it, and have never seen it. His music was okay. I could understand why people would think he was a musical genius. But it did not float my boat.

I have two thoughts, however. People who are mourning his death tonight are of a certain age, somewhat younger than I am, who grew up with these rock stars, some of whom are dying not of some misadventure, but because of prosaic things like flu, cancer, and even old age. People don't like to be reminded that they are getting older and will some day die, too. Prince's death today is a reminder of their own mortality, that the meter is running, and that some day, time will run out.

My second thought is something I saw just a few minutes ago. An update from, in which it was revealed that when Prince was rushed to the hospital 6 days ago, that it was for a drug overdose, and that he did not have the flu. The flu thing was a cover story.

I get that people have a right to privacy, but I don't understand why publicists will willingly disseminate actual lies. Prince's PR person had to have known about the drug overdose, but instead told us that Prince had the flu, which was not the truth. Period.

I have some friends who work in public relations. I have to wonder how much they have to struggle with putting out a story they know to be false, even if doing so is in service to their clients. I guess it comes down to whether the public has the right to know, and whether the story that's being covered up has some kind of significance that overrides the clients' right to privacy. It is an interesting topic for debate.

Sorry. Nothing funny tonight. Not in the mood.

See you tomorrow.


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