Sunday, April 24, 2016

Post 3247 - Sunday

How was your day?

I have thus far received no feedback whatsoever from anyone regarding the inaugural missing persons casefile. Is there too much information? Not enough? Do you want me to engage in rumor and/or conjecture? Help me out.

It was a quiet day in Casa Bevboy. We had a nice steak dinner that just reminded us how much we need a new barbecue.

We watched some episodes of "Inside Amy Schumer" this afternoon. I had only seen the first two episodes Saturday morning. Patricia had not seen them at all, so while I showered she got caught up. Then, we watched 4 new-to-us episodes and laughed our arses off. The horror movie parody in which Amy farts every time she is scared about something is something we will never forget, no matter how old and decrepit (and flautlent!) we may become.

Another work week awaits us. Oh, joy. Oh, bliss.

See you tomorrow.


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