Monday, May 2, 2016

Post 3254 - Monday

Past 9pm.

I am still raving about the shaves I get with the cheap ass razor blades. They came with the inexpensive safety razor I ordered a couple of months ago. I changed the blade Saturday night and used it for the first time this evening. An even closer, smoother shave was experienced by moi. The old blade was starting to catch on the whiskers. This was glide across my face, and now it is so smooth that I guarantee half the women at work tomorrow will ask to feel my cheeks.

The ones on my face, that is.

Say, I spread lime on the front lawn this evening. I don't know why, either, other than Patricia wanted some on it, and it seemed like less work that preparing dinner. After work, at the garden centre across from my work, I spent $5.75 on a bag. I used about half the bag on the aerated lawn. Now, it is raining, which I'm told is a good thing, as it will help the lime soak into the ground, which as I just stated, was aerated Sunday afternoon. In a day or two, we will put some lawn seed on the front lawn, and see what comes up. If it can choke the weeds, then I will be happy.

I put the lime on the lawn via a broadcast spreader I bought a few years ago. I have two of them. I bought the first one at a Port Williams yard sale likely close to 10 years ago. Dad actually used it once or twice. When he was still ambulatory, I bought this new one, kept it for myself, and gave him the old one. He never used it again. It is hanging in the garage down there. Nobody needs two broadcast spreaders. Nobody, anywhere, ever.

I am not sure why a person would buy a broadcast spreader, new. I think I paid a total of 12 dollars for both spreaders. A new one, along the lines of what I used this evening, would be a good 40 dollars at Kent or Home Depot. Silly. Why pay that much? Wait for a yard sale. Or steal the one down in the garage. I will not notice its absence. Because, like I just said, nobody will ever need two broadcast spreaders.

I think I will turn in. See if I can find someone to whom to give a broadcast spreader.

See you tomorrow.


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