Sunday, May 8, 2016

Post 3261 - Sunday

Well, I DID do some house work today. So there!

I spent a good 90 minutes this afternoon finding stuff to toss out of the middle bedroom upstairs. I found a lot. So far, I will have 4 large plastic bags to go out on Tuesday. I will try to fill another one on Monday night. According to the years I spent watching Sesame Street during misspent youth, that makes 5 large bags to go out with the recycling Tuesday morning.

Long time, weary readers will perhaps wonder just what in the name of frigmuffins went into that room. Well, 15 years ago, when I bought the house and was here by myself, I put aside that room as an ersatz library. I eventually got bookshelves added to my home office, two floors below, but the 7 book cases I had were up there, and I had them full of books. I also had the better part of 20 long boxes full of comics. Let's not get into the magazines.

In 2004, I decided to sell off the comics, at least as many as I could move. That was 1000's of them. The only problem was, I still had 1000's more. Let's not get into the magazines. Let's not mention the books.

In recent years, I dragged the book cases downstairs to my home office, and filled them with books. I continued to sell off comics. And I began to throw out magazines. Lots of them.

In recent months, I have begun throwing out actual books I no longer wanted. Books I would never read and could never sell because the after market for paper-based books is not good.

In recent weeks, I have bundled up a few hundred magazines, and delivered them to the nursing home my mother was living in until she died last year. I'm told they have all the magazines they will need, likely for a few years. They have a small library there, and the folks who are able to, like to read. Makes me feel good, knowing they went to a good home.

In recent days, I have been picking up small bits of paper that have accumulated in the middle bedroom, begun moving the stuff I'm gonna keep to one part of the room and putting the stuff I'm gonna toss, into one of the afore-mentioned plastic bags.

And tonight, I can look in to that room and see progress. But I am not done. Still so much to do.

Also tonight, we watched the last few episodes of Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt".  Season two was much more uneven than season one, which was laugh-out-loud funny. I know that there will be a season 3 in 2017. I hope it's better. The funniest line in season two, which I will share with you, was Kimmy commenting on someone's English. "Your English is very well", she said. I don't know why that line was never used by anyone anywhere over the years. I guess the obvious lines are not always so obvious.

So, that was my Sunday.

How was yours?

See you tomorrow.


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