Friday, May 13, 2016

Post 3265 - Friday

These humble, sub-par, pathetic, off-putting words, come to you from the family home in the Annapolis Valley. It is past 10pm.

I arrived here around 9:00. I spent the next few hours, off and on, mowing the lawn. The grass wasn't that tall or anything, but I wasn't that motivated to do the work. I got it done, and then dashed in to New Minas to run a couple of errands. I returned here, did a couple of things, and took a nap.

So, the lawn is done. But I am here for other things.

I can't really get into what those other things are, yet. Some things have to line up before I can really put my finger on it and get this done and behind me.

My, am I not enigmatic? Aren't you upset with me?


As things stand, I will be here in the Valley until late Saturday afternoon, but perhaps I will remain here until Sunday morning. Depends on how the things I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, come in to play. But I have some other things here to do around the house, if nothing else.

I watched a movie through Plex this evening. It is the first Resident Evil movie, from way back in 2002. Based upon a game I have never played and never will. Movie wasn't bad. It wasn't good, but it wasn't bad. There are a few more in the series, and I am not sure if I will bother watching them. Milla Jovovich is a cutie, though. 

I think I will turn in. Been a long day, and another one awaits.

See you tomorrow.


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