Monday, May 16, 2016

Post 3268 - Monday

Well, it's up. My first column for Frank Magazine in 7 months is out there for your reading pleasure. It takes up a full two pages in the current issue. There is content there you will find nowhere else. I guarantee it.

I have only had one negative comment about the return. Someone asked me if I really write for "that rag". Yes. I do. Once again, it may only be for a few issues, so go to your newsagent, get a copy when it comes out on Wednesday, or subscribe online. Pick one.

I spent a bit of time working on the next assignment. I will not tell you what it is, yet. But I will tell you what it isn't. I am not doing any scab work for the Halifax Chronicle Herald. There is no way they would approach me, and there is no way I would approach them. Subject over.

I have two things tonight: 1. 3 more days in my work week; and 2. a headache tonight. Because of 2, I think I will turn in early. I will either watch the last episode ever of Castle tomorrow night or just read the recap in the morning to see if they "Caskett" make it out alive. It still amazes me that they would fire her, and the coroner, and then go through all the effort of signing Nathan Fillion and all the other actors to return for a proposed season 9, only to have the network cancel the show 4 days before the final episode airs. There is some politics behind that decision, and I hope we find out some day, what it is.

Anyway, think I will call it an early night. Long day tomorrow.

See you then.


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