Friday, May 20, 2016

Post 3272 - Friday

A change of plans.

We are not going to the cottage this weekend. The reasons are several: I have a couple of writing deadlines, Patricia has lunch with a friend on Saturday, the weather at the cottage may not be conducive to mowing. There are other reasons, but you get the drift.

So, we are staying in town for the weekend. There is much to be done here. The question is, how much of that will be done by Monday evening as we face another work week?

This afternoon, we went to Value Village to drop off a bag of clothing we no longer wanted. I donated a scanner that I couldn't get working with either Windows or Linux, although I'm sure an enterprising-enough nerd can get it working. And we ended up by a fish monger, shortly before he wanted to shut down for the day. There were deals to be had. Normally 3 pounds of haddock are 20 bucks. Patricia got 2 pounds for 10. Normally, a 10 pound box of haddock is 60 dollars. She got the box for 50. So, 60 dollars yielded her 12 pounds of haddock, which is only the best-tasting white fish in the world if you know how to cook it, and I do. The two pound bag accommodated our dinners tonight very nicely, with a piece left over that we consumed this evening. The remaining ten pounds were decanted into freezer bags, a machine was used to suck the moisture out of the bags and seal them, before I put the bags in the big freezer in the kitchen. We will have many meals of yummy haddock in the coming weeks!

Tomorrow, whilst Patricia is having lunch with her lady friend, I will hang back here and clean out my car. It is long past the point where I should have done that job. The backseat is a sight. Don't ask me about the trunk. Just... don't!

You guys have a good night. See you tomorrow. Either keep smiling, or start smiling.

I am not going to finish this blog post until you start smiling.

I can wait.




I can w....zzzzz

(Patricia, signing off for Bevboy)

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