Monday, May 23, 2016

Post 3274 - Monday


I didn't write yesterday because, gosh, my body shut down mid-afternoon. I woke long enough to eat dinner, watch a documentary about Vivian Meier, and then toddle off back to bed. I can only imagine I was so tired yesterday because of the weather and because I had expended so much mental energy on Saturday fiddling and farting around with this here computer.

Even now, I fear that this machine will give me a hard time the next time I have to boot it. The MBR,.the master boot record, and the GRUB menu boot loader, are not on the alternative hard drive I am running Linux Mint on. If I reboot, when I reboot, I will have to go to the BIOS level, and make sure that the boot menu specifies the correct hard drive. I know there is a way around it to getting it working the way I need it to, but honestly, farting around with this computer is not something I want to do right now. Sweet moses on a tart, computers can be frustrating sometimes.

I only got it a few months ago. It has 16GB of ram. I replaced the power supply. I have a few hard drives in it. It should bloody work, and run like the wind. It should not be busting my chops every few days with yet another thing to confound me and make me doubt my intelligence, to make the boys at work mock me for not "just knowing the answer". You understand. I have to keep up with the boys.

As it is, I had to re-install Plex on this machine. I am gradually adding back all the libraries that were here before. The music library is vast and has been indexing for hours. The James Bond library was re-created just now.

Ditto MST3K, and remind me to actually sit down and watch an episode of that cult show sometime. People have been going on about Mystery Science Theater 3000 for 25 years now. Because of Canadian copyright laws, it was hard to see the show up here. The old Sci Fi channel was something that Patricia's father illegally accessed on his old satellite dish, so I managed to see part of an episode of the show at the cottage one day, but the lawn beckoned, and by the time I got back from mowing it, the episode was long over. All I know is, the premise is about a guy who gets stuck on some kind of orbiting space ship. For reasons I do not know, he is obliged to watch crappy movies and comment on them, along with a robot and an alien. You now know as much about MST3K as I do. Congratulations.

(Oh, I did acquire some MST3K dvd's several years ago. Don't tell Patricia how much I paid for them, because it was nothing: I traded comic books for them. Tried to watch one of them once, and fell asleep. So, it doesn't count as having seen it.)

So, anyway, I am heading into another short work week. And a Frank deadline week, too. You can guess what I'll be doing every night this week. Well, besides that, of course. Silly you.

You have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


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