Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Post 3275 - Full Circle?

Past 11pm. Spent a few hours working on my column tonight. A second deadline for something else, will be worked on tomorrow night.

You'll know that I am a huge fan of the Flash tv show. If you are not watching it, you are really missing an excellent program. One of the major themes of the show is fatherhood, and how Barry sort of has 3 fathers on the program. Well, did, at least.

I lost my own father 6 years ago this month. I think of my father every day. If there is an afterlife, I hope he and my mother are in it, having a grand old time. I miss my mother like crazy, too.

Anyway, I went in to McDonald's this morning to get a coffee before I went to work. I scanned the restaurant while I was waiting for my coffee. I saw this man.

From a certain angle, the way the light hit his face, my god, I thought I was looking at my father. I went over and told him that he was the spitting image of my dad. He said, "How long has be been dead?", and chuckled. I told him, "Six years, sir."

We had a nice chat, he and I. He let me take the above picture. I gave him a blog business card. By that time, my coffee was ready, so I shook his  hand, wished him a pleasant day, and took my leave.

It is weird how things work out sometimes. I was just thinking about my dad, and there he (sort of) was. Was it kismet? Was it... something else? Or does one's mind reach for coincidences and pat answers to things when none can or should exist? I don't know. I am just a big old dummy who's been up for 18 hours and needs to sleep.

I miss you, dad. Nice seeing you today, though.

See you tomorrow.


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