Thursday, May 26, 2016

Post 3277 - Special Announcement

At long last I can announce the following:

My missing persons blog series will be moving over to Frank Magazine.

The first in the series is about Mark Wayne Clarke, missing since February 4, 2013. The story hasn't had much ink since he went missing over 3 years ago. It's about time it got some.

I am already at work on the next couple of cases. The couple that I have written about here on the blog already, will remain here, but will be updated and expanded over in the pages of Frank.

I am not guaranteeing that there will be a missing persons case discussed in every issue of Frank going forward, until they ask me to stop, but that I will try to have one in every issue going forward.

These stories take a lot of time to research and write.  The first one, published this coming Monday, was especially time consuming. My editor and I worked closely on it to get the right tone and to make sure that as much information could be provided to the reader as possible. I thank Andrew for that assistance.

I am excited about this news. I can never hope to get the kind of readership that Frank has. Already, I have had dealings with a police media liaison that would have been impossible if not for this affiliation. It's all good.

It does mean, however, that the missing persons cases will no longer be featured here. If you want to read this stuff, you will have to belly up to the bar and buy Frank Magazine at your fave newsstand, through subscribing to the print edition, or by purchasing a digital subscription. Go here to subscribe.

Nothing lasts forever, and neither will this. But I intend to make good use of this experience for as long as it does last.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


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