Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Post 3282 - Tuesday

Past 11:30.

We got home tonight from work and crashed. In that order. We didn't crash on the way home, or I'd have to fill out an insurance report and answer a long series of embarrassing questions. No. We got home, and then lay down for a few hours. Not sure what brought on my exhaustion, but Patricia had a migraine headache. I still get those from time to time. When I do, I am debilitated.

I hate to keep flogging this because it is unseemly, but my first true crime column appears in Frank Magazine, on Wednesday morning. Should hit newsstands around 10am. That's usually when I see it at the Superstore across from my work, should I happen to be over there getting something at that time of day.

I spent some time during my lunch hour today, taking notes for upcoming editions of my true crime column. They're about missing persons cases, but as I mentioned last night, I will also be looking at some unsolved murders. I remember one in particular from the early 1990's. An old man went out to his barn to clean the stalls or something. He got ambushed, and was killed. And so far as I know, nobody has ever been convicted of his murder, or held on suspicion of it. An unsolved murder that has had very little ink over the years. Let me see if I can do something about that.

I put it out to you now, then: if you know of any Nova Scotia-based unsolved murder, or missing persons case, or even some mysterious crime, let me know. Your best bet is to email me at Frank Magazine, or if you'd prefer, use the official Bevboy email address. Or message me on Facebook, or Tweet me, or even think about me hard. Any of those will work, just fine.

Missing persons cases and unsolved murders, especially ones in Nova Scotia, are an interest of mine, even a passion. Let's see if we can help solve some.

See you tomorrow.


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