Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Post 3283 - Wednesday

How was your day?

Long day. I used my fitbit nicely today. I walked nearly 8000 steps. Others, of course, walk that much before breakfast. I will have to get into that kind of groove if I am to get out of the basement of the work competition I am in. Some of these guys have 30 000 steps, SO FAR THIS WEEK. I am not sure it is that far to walk to Toronto and back, but these guys just walk everywhere at every opportunity. Some of them go for walk at coffee break. They go to the Metro Deli, get their coffee, and rather than sit with us and discuss the burning issues of the day, and proceed to gallivant out the door, not to be seen until some short time later, having satisfied their wanderlust for the moment.

Anyway, unless there is a miracle, I will be at the bottom of the list.

Had Toastmasters tonight. Good meeting. We had a speech, and a really good evaluation was given. Evaluations in TM are, or should be, of a certain format. You open up with positive comments. You proceed with one or two areas for improvement. And you always end up with something else positive. We call it the sandwich approach. Works wonders not just for the member's self esteem, but for his future in the organization.

Drove home. Mowed the lawn. Ate something. Wrote this post.

What else is there?

Why, bed of course.

See you tomorrow.


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