Monday, June 13, 2016

Post 3291 - Monday


I'm sorry I didn't write all weekend. I didn't mean for that to happen. But the last two nights, I conked out early. Tonight, at 8:40, I am slowing down.

At the yard sales on Saturday, I did get a spatula, but it is a metal one. I am keeping it down in the Valley, and will toss out the crappy plastic ones that were down there. They go out, tomorrow, actually. I also got a level for a dollar. You know, it has those little bubbles in it that go in the middle of the little window when something is level. I know I already had one, but this one was a dollar, dammit. And I also got a thing that allows you to roll up a power cord. Upon unwinding it, and plugging it in, you get 4 additional plug ins. Like a power bar, only round. And, I got a wooden container to hold potatoes and onions and the like. And a wooden spoon for 25 cents.

And... I won on the CBC Mystery Vocalist Contest, again. That's twice in 2016. They played a bit of the theme song from a CBC show. I got through. I told them it was a cooking show, in the afternoons It starred James Barber. And I didn't know the name. Turns out it was called "The Urban Peasant", and because I knew everything else, they gave it to me. So, that means I will have another silly old key chain in the mail this week. Yay.

I got the house whipper snipped on Saturday. It looks a lot better. Saturday night, I started watching a documentary and dozed off. I went to bed. Slept for a long time.

Sunday I kinda hung around the house until after lunch before returning to the city mid afternoon. Showed Patricia the stuff I had purchased. She remarked that the wooden spoon would bounce nicely off my ass the next time I misbehave. Ha. Like I ever misbehave.

Today, the latest issue of Frank Magazine was published online. The paper edition will hit stores and mailboxes on Wednesday, I guess. It has my second true crime column. This one is about the unsolved murder of grocer Michael Resk, in 1955. There are some interesting twists and turns in this one. There's information in this article that hasn't been reported in decades. I hope you check it out.

I am working on the third case now, which will likely be another missing persons case. I just spoke with the parent of one of the cases I'm working on. His voice cracked when I identified myself and told him I'd like to talk about his son. I figure he hadn't discussed his son in a long time. He will confer with his wife and decide whether to speak to me. The question is, if he doesn't talk to me, do I still go ahead and do the story? It's not like there are a lot of details out there, and having a more-or-less primary source would be beneficial.

This is not an easy job that I have. Sometimes I wonder, if in taking it on, whether I am a good fit, whether I have the skills or the temperament to do it. We will have to see. I just know that I am spent for the evening, so I am putting down my pen, as it were, and taking a break.

I think I will step outside to get some air. Been a long day, and tomorrow promises to be another one.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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