Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Post 3292 - Things That Make You Go Hmm

Please regard the following:

I think it's funny. I think it says something about men and women and how they perceive each other. I don't see how it's a big deal.

Enter Martha Cody.

We were FB friends for some time. She unfriended me. I sent a new request a couple of days ago. She was trolling my FB page a couple of hours ago and didn't like this one little bit. She said, "Then live alone. This is not funny. Stop being the problem. Help women achieve equality."

I am not even sure what that means.

I mean, those are English words and everything, but they are arranged in a way that I cannot parse. 

She wasn't done yet. 

She wrote on my timeline (since removed), words to the effect that my latest wasn't funny and that it wasn't nice. Something like that. It's gone, and so is she.

My goodness.

I had no idea that the above meme would cause any kind of problems whatsoever. In these days of Donald Trump saying whatever he wants, of some folks getting ripped up over who should be allowed in women's washrooms in the United States, of some comments about what happened in Orlando Saturday evening, why should this innocent little meme should cause someone to tear in to me, unfriend me, and likely make her spend the rest of her evening bad-mouthing me?

Martha Cody was on the tv for years and years, most notably at Global news. She left, and I recall hearing her for a time on... KOOL FM, I think it was. And I spoke to her on the phone a few years ago, we talked about an interview. I guess that's not gonna happen, now. 

Did she overreact? Am I being an obtuse so-and-so? I think I need some help with this one, folks.

Have a good evening, folks. 



Catco said...

Sorry... I forgot to mention.... No, I'm not a cat, I'm a girl.... And Martha needs to chill!

Anonymous said...

Worked with Martha at Global for a long time. She didn't do rip and read. She did rip (Daily News, Herald etc) and repeat. If another reporter had covered it in the paper, Marthas pak that night would be that article on-air

Bevboy said...

Do you want to go on the record and state your name? I will be using your comments in my next Frank column.