Sunday, June 19, 2016

Post 3297 - Sunday

Past 9:30.

I spent a few hours today working on that missing persons case. I am hoping to send it in to my editor on Monday evening at the latest.

It has otherwise been a quiet day. Patricia remains at the cottage this evening, having spent several hours doing a rough cut of the lawn down there. When we are up over the Canada Day long weekend, we will lower the blade one or two levels and cut the lawn that much deeper. Will probably take the better part of an entire day's work to do that. I actually don't mind doing that. I can be out there for hours and hours, mowing away, lost in my thoughts. It is one of those chores that some people fine to be drudgery. I don't like to mow the lawn here in Halifax and hire a young man to do it for me. But there is something about being at the cottage, riding the lawn tractor, that relaxes me. It is the strangest thing.

Over the weekend, a friend recommended the film "Rolling Thunder", which came out in 1977. I watched it Saturday night. It stars William Devane, who is one of those actors the envy of other actors, because he's one of those actors who always seem to get a lot of work. He was on "The Grinder" this past season. But I digress.

It's about a Vietnam war veteran who returns home after having been in a prison for 7 years where he was tortured a few times a day, and discovers that his wife, believing him to be dead, is marrying his best friend. Meanwhile, some bad guys want the hundreds of silver dollars he was given by a grateful town for his years of torment, and maim him and kill his family. Delightful story. Then, the vet seeks out on a plan of revenge. Good film. I recommend it, also, as long as you realize it was made 40 years ago by Roger Corman's production company, and therefore has a low budget and looks it.

I think I will have a shower and turn in. A long day awaits me, in just a matter of hours.

See you then.


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