Thursday, June 23, 2016

Post 3301 - Finally!

Let's get this out of the way.

Before shots:

After shot:

Yes. I got my hair cut.

I don't think I have a lesson here other than maybe to get my hair cut a little more often than I do. It was insanely long. I finally got the deed done by the young man in the photograph, Jaleel at Fine Lines in Lakeside.

My hair was getting long. I kept piling on the product to keep it in place in recent weeks. It was becoming so hard to handle that I knew I had to do something.

With some trepidation I approached the place on Kempt Road, the place I told you before, the place with that yappy woman in it. The one who hacks and stabs and cuts with all the zeal of a starving man attacking a pork chop, and talks your ears off while she's doing it. I went in there, and was relieved to see her working on another client, and that the place was too busy to accommodate me at that moment. I skipped out, elated.

After work, Patricia had a couple of appointments, so I drove homeward, and decided to return to Fine Lines in Lakeside. I had a good experience there last year, and with Patricia not with me, I could go in there and not feel guilty taking my time to have a leisurely hair experience.

Jaleel took great care of me. Turns out that his mother named him after Jaleel White, actor who played Urkel on "Family Matters" all those years ago. Also turns out that he is from the Valley, so we exchanged the secret Valley handshake that because you're not from there, I cannot share with you. I am very happy with the result, though. A lovely head of hair. On the floor of the barber shop.

Afterward, I went home and ate something and watched the news and konked out on the recliner until 8:30. Started washing the dishes. Patricia called and asked me to pick her up from where she was at, so I did. We returned home. I finished the dishes. And here I am writing this silly blog post.

Patricia wanted me to get this hair cut because we're going to an art gallery thing tomorrow night and she didn't want me to get confused with some of the bohemian artists who will doubtless be there.

Gotta get up extra early in the morning to get some pics at the Information Morning birthday party. 

See you tomorrow.


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