Saturday, June 25, 2016

Post 3303 - Saturday

Past 11pm.

I am in the Valley for the weekend. I got here this morning. I had every intention of mowing the lawn, but the grass is dry and will look burned if I mow it. Maybe in the morning, but we need rain.

I ended up driving into Canning this morning and then into Kingsport, discovering that it was the Gala Day weekend. I hung around for a few hours, buying some lunch and some stuff at yard sales and watching the parade. Along the way I met some folks; we ended up talking about a missing persons case that I have been working on. They provided some information that jibes nicely with some other information I have been reading about. I wonder if I can expense my trip to Kingsport, now? Hmm.

I got back here to the house. Ate something. And tonight, around 9, I drove back to Kingsport for the fireworks, only to learn that because of the tinder dry conditions, the province has forbidden all outdoor fires, including fireworks.  I returned here, read some stuff, and am writing this blog post.

Tomorrow, back to the city. Sigh.

You have a good evening. See you tomorrow. Keep smiling.


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