Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Post 3306 - The Birds Call Their Name!

Cheep! Cheep! Or, rather, "Cheap! Cheap!"

I have written before about how covers of mystery magazines were recycled and re-used over and over. I showed you examples. You can click on the "MSMM" label associated with this post to read that earlier article.

I have found another sort of example.

Here it goes:

This is the cover for the May 1978 issue of Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine, which is just a cropped edition of a cover from 1980 and another year, and which was in turn used several years earlier for the cover of Charlie Chan's Mystery Magazine.

Here are the other examples I have been able to find:

So, now, 4 magazines using the same damned cover. The guy who drew that original cover must have been paid a mint, thereby forcing the publishers to defray that cost over the course of the next several years.

As you can see, in the first pic, Buddy is reacting to something. You know that he's reacting to a guy shooting at him. But, initially, you have no idea what he is reacting to. Maybe there was an unexpected pizza delivery or something. I wonder what the other dude, the one on the floor, feels about it, having been cropped out of existence?

If I find any more examples of this damned drawing being used elsewhere and elsewhen, I will let you know. I think I will be successful.

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