Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Post 3307 - Aww!

The new Frank Magazine has hit stands. My 3rd true crime column is in it. It is another missing persons cases one going back to 2001. You should go read it. Buy a copy, and read the story. I worked hard on it.

The father of the missing man wrote me this evening, thanking me profusely for the piece. His ex-wife liked it a lot, too.

That really feels good. I know that I am getting paid money for these pieces, and I am using it on silly things like getting my water bill paid off on time for a change; but there are intangible aspects of this job. Twice now, I have had family members write to thank me for getting their loved ones' stories out there again. I can only hope that, in getting the stories out there, that maybe we can get some leads and some tips generated for the police to follow up on. I know the families would love to see these old cases reach some kind of resolution.

I am still working on cold cases and missing persons cases. I have been answering emails and Facebook messages this evening about two that I am working on. This long weekend, I plan to kick back and relax at the cottage; but I will also be taking a laptop with me and will be working at least one case, and maybe even two.

I think I will turn in a bit early tonight. Been a long day.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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