Thursday, June 30, 2016

Post 3308 - Thursday

About 9:45.

We left for work a bit earlier this morning. We went to breakfast at the Smitty's off Spring Garden Road. It used to be Martello Lane. Before that, it was part of Tower Road. Now, it's called Cathedral Lane. On the news this evening, I learned that this change can be implemented if all the land owners agree to it. Turns out that there are only 2 land owners on that lane: the church, which moved for the change; and a rental company, which owns a large apartment building, and which rents out retail space on the first floor. So, now, all the people who live in that building have to tell their friends where they live. The retail outlets have to produce new advertising at significant cost spelling out where they are. And because they rent, they had no damn say in the renaming of the lane in the first place. Madness.

Anyway, breakfast was especially good. I recommend the Smitty's on Tower Road Martello Lane Cathedral Lane.  You should go.

Work crawled along today. At one point, my Bulova watch seemed to be moving backwards. But, the time to go home finally came, and we drove back here. My eyes were gritty, so I closed them. 

Tomorrow morning, we will pile in the car and go to the cottage for a few days. There is work to be done there, plus I will be working on my true crime column.

I put this on my Facebook last night, and now I will post it here. If there is a Nova Scotia-based unsolved crime you would like me to report on, and which is upwards of at least 10 years old, then tell me about it, and why I should investigate it. Your best bet is to email me here. My internet connectivity will be spotty over the next few days, but I promise to respond upon my return. 

My true crime binder is growing by the day. I can only do so many columns per year. But I will look at your case, I promise.

I will also have content here on this blog all weekend. The miracle of the internet!

See you tomorrow.


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Unknown said...

I lived in that building when it was brand new .... back then it was 1472 Tower Rd, Apt 702 ... great place to live ... one bedroom corner suite was 325$/month including underground parking ........