Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Post 3314 - Wednesday

Past 11:30.

I have sent off my two columns to my editor at Frank. The true crime one, and the media one. I sat down to write them, after many hours of writing and research, at around 5:30. I took a break after the first one, from 8 until about 9:20, and sent off the second one a few minutes ago.

News items were trickling in over the last few days. But as I was writing the column tonight, a source contacted me and asked if I had heard about all the Halifax radio news this week. I listed back the items I had. The person added two more items to my list, so I had to go out and get more information on them and incorporate them into the column. This kind of thing happens all the time, which is why I delay writing the final draft of the column until the last minute.

I got up 18 hours ago, and tomorrow promises to be a long day, as well. So I will close this off in the hope that I can get some sleep. I am probably over tired, so I may be awake for a while yet.

Is it too late to download some corn? I'm getting hungry.

See you tomorrow.


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