Thursday, July 7, 2016

Post 3315 - Thursday


I will be turning in shortly. I was up and awake past midnight this morning.

Hey, I went to two barbecues today. Two. How many did you got to? Huh? How many? Bet it wasn't two!

We  had a semi annual barbecue thingy at work. They do it to foster morale and communication among staff, only the staff pays for the thing, and I just eat my food at my desk rather than balance it on my knee while strangers take bets on when I will spill everything on the floor. Not complaining though. For $7 I got a burger, a hot dog the size of me arse, two different kinds of salad, and a sliver of cake.

Where are my manners? Here it what I had on my plates today:

Yeah, I ate it all.

And, after work, after we snaked our way through traffic for nearly an hour, we ended up at the Timberlea church across the street from the Timberlea Parkway. They were having a chicken barbecue, with strawberry shortcake for dessert. For $12 a head, nearly twice what I had paid this morning, we each got a piece of chicken breast, a baked potato, some salad-like substance, as many rolls as we could stuff in our face, and a bowl of strawberry shortcake. I could not finish the latter. I was so stuffed it wasn't funny.

I waddled to my car, staggering to the left and the right in a vain effort to get to my vehicle. I squeezed behind the wheel. We drove home. I sort of oozed up the steps and into the house. And after 8pm, I slid down the stairs to my home office, where after greasing up my sides, I was able to get into this chair. The arms are chafing my love handles, but maybe I will get lucky and they will slough off some layers of skin.

I had to update my Frank media column this evening. There was a sudden and unexpected death in the Halifax radio world this morning and I wanted to make sure my readers had the latest information I could provide. It will all be in the latest Frank, which hits the web on Monday morning.

I promised myself and Patricia that I would not be up until midnight tonight. I intend to keep that promise.

You have a good evening, take care of yourselves, hug someone who matters to you, and I will see you tomorrow.


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