Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Post 3319 - Tuesday

Past 11pm.

Have spent the last 2.5 hours working on a draft of my next true crime piece for Frank Magazine. Sent it to my editor for his initial feedback. He will suggest changes, and I will go off and make them. I have been working on this particular cases since the end of May, and I am not done yet.

Been a very long day. After work we drove over to the meat market in Dartmouth, a little place called Gateway. For some strange reason, the place was nearly deserted when we got there, so we picked out the meat we wanted, Patricia selected a flat of strawberries, and we got home. She has one of those machines that you put in a double sheet of plastic through to form a bag, you put the substance in it you want stored, the machine sucks the moisture out of the bag and then seals it for you. The big freezer, which we cleaned out 2 days ago, is full again, and uncomfortably so.

Tomorrow beckons like a woman trying to dry her fingernail polish. I think I will turn in. Another long day tomorrow.

See you then.

Keep smiling. Wear something bright.


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