Saturday, July 16, 2016

Post 3322 - Saturday


I didn't write last night because my body pretty much shut down when I got home. I was out for the night.

Today we ventured over to Lower Sackville. Patricia wanted to pick up a thing that she uses for Pilates class. We returned to the house just in time to realize just how bloody hot it was, so we have stayed inside ever since.

I finished two columns for Frank Magazine today. Well, the latest drafts went to my editor, having made the changes he asked for, so I consider them done. Tomorrow I will write a brief sidebar for that second article. After that I will have to focus on my media column, which will be due on Thursday.

As is usual at this point, I am starting to worry that there will not be much radio news this column. The doldrums of Summer usually mean there is not much moving around within the local radio market. Ratings will commence after Labour Day, so in the couple of weeks leading up to that, you will see formats change, people be hired and fired, and all that wild and wacky stuff. But in mid-July? Radio program directors are enjoying their vacations, too, and are not deeply consumed with the things I just mentioned.

Speaking of vacations, mine starts in a matter of days. Thursday at 4:31pm to be exact. Two weeks off. I can hardly frigging wait. Beat to snot. Need a rest.

Speaking resting, I think I will turn in. This hot weather is busting me arse.

See you tomorrow.


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