Sunday, July 17, 2016

Post 3323 - Sunday


How was your day? That's good. I was worried.

The highlight for us today was probably seeing the Dykes versus Divas baseball game at the Halifax Commons. We had never been to see one of those games. Watching these men dressed up in their finery playing baseball against a bunch of women was quite a delight to watch. Patricia laughed quite hard. We didn't need the homophobic comments of the a-hole next to us, though. I mean, frig, buddy, if you don't approve of this stuff, the solution is simple. Stay home. Problem solved.

I wrote a rough draft of a short article for my editor this afternoon. Just now, I revised it and sent it off to him. I promised him that when he got to work Monday morning there would be 3 article from me. And there are. Now, I need to concentrate on my media column, which is due Thursday, and which has very little content so far.

I think I will turn in relatively early tonight. The next 4 days will be busy ones, as I prepare to go on vacation later on this week.

See you tomorrow. Keep smiling. Buy yourself something nice.


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