Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Post 3325 - Tuesday

Nearly 9:30.

It is amazing how quickly the evenings go. I think I just got home 5 minutes ago, but it was more like 6pm. By the time I cooked dinner and we ate it, and watched Inner Space on the Space Channel, it was 7:30. I had my shower and shave and stuff. I came down here to my home office to start writing a column for my deadline on Thursday, but decided to change my reconfigure my Sonarr to take advantage of the new usenet indexer I subscribed to today (nzbgeek). That working, I re-commenced copying movies and tv shows to that external hard drive, because I had to shut down my media server this morning because everything froze up real good.

So, now, it's 9:30. I haven't written a word.

I have taken a flurry of notes, though, and will be taking more. Patricia has her Pilates class at 6:30 tomorrow night. I will likely hang around after work until 7:30, giving me ample time to produce something good for my editor. As always, there will be exclusive content in this, stuff you can't get anywhere else.

What stuff? Well, you'll have to read Frank next week to find out, you so and so, you.

There will also be a true crime piece in the next Frank.

As for my vacation, I will try to produce at least an abbreviated media column for the issue out during the second week of my vacation. It will mean a couple of few trips to the library to scarf their internet connection and writing something and emailing it to my editor from there. I will be taking one of my laptops with me on vacay.

At any rate, I think I will turn in. As I pointed out a few paragraphs ago, I have a long day ahead of me on Wednesday.

See you tomorrow.


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