Friday, July 29, 2016

Post 3332 - Friday

Welcome to the town of Pictou Public Library, on Water Street.

We drove  here today because the River John library internet connection is very poor, and we will be there tomorrow anyway.

We also came  here because we wanted to go to the enviro depot in town to get rid of some bottles and an old television and some cordless telephones. That has been taken care of. So, now, I feel justified to sit here and surf for a while and say hello. So, hello.

I am writing these words on a very old laptop that I bought a few years ago. It was old, then. It is a Dell D410. You can go google it while I am typing this. A massive 40GB hard drive. 1.5GB of ram. The computer gasps and wheezes and begs me to slow down while I work away. But I know what this machine can do, and what it cannot. It is absolutely fine for blogging, and going on facebook and twitter. It runs my preferred word processor just fine. Dropbox keeps things nice and synchronized. I can access the Frank magazine website and email portal.

Youtube is a chore for this computer. Videos stutter. Plex? Ha. You silly man. It can load the application, but don't ask it to play any of the content I have up and running at home.

But, by and large, this computer still serves me very well. The 12" screen is a perfect size for me. The keyboard is a joy to use. I will use this computer until it falls apart.

Probably any day now.

I should probably see how Patricia is making out.

Talk to you soon, my friends.


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